In partnership with the Delaware Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDDS), The Arc of Delaware Housing program supports safe, accessible and affordable group homes in neighborhood communities. To date, we have built or acquired over 80 properties throughout the state, providing DDDS with residential capacity for more than 320 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

In addition to comprehensive property management, our 24-hour maintenance team provides emergency services as needed to keep these homes safe and comfortable for the residents and attractive for their neighborhoods.

The Arc of Delaware Housing program welcomes volunteers to monitor our group homes. These teams visit our properties on a regular basis, evaluating and reporting on both the interior conditions and curb appeal so that we can sustain a high standard of quality.

Although The Arc of Delaware builds and maintains these homes, we do not decide who lives in them. DDDS determines placement options for their clients according to needs-based criteria. DDDS also works with service provider agencies to determine staffing in these homes.

For more information on our Housing program or to volunteer, please contact us at (302) 996-9400.