RISE DE Self-Advocacy

RISEde is a self-advocacy group established in 2022 to Redefine Independence and Social Empowerment for people with disabilities in Delaware.

Sponsored by The Arc of Delaware, the group is led by Benjamin Shrader, an experienced self-advocate who sees choice and self-directed services as key to unlocking potential through community and shared responsibility. He has spent the last year spreading the word about RISEde and self-empowerment through numerous speaking engagements, panel participations and serving as chair of the State Council for Persons with Disabilities.

The major goal for RISEde is to establish a space for people with disabilities to build community, participate in social events, partake in political activism and amplify creative voices.

Through focus groups, social media, email, networking and town halls, RISEde expects to develop a dynamic group of advocates with enhanced self-advocacy skills and increased technical knowledge of public policy work, while boosting social interaction for people with disabilities.

At this time, RISEde is welcoming self-advocates to share their stories and insights through online chats and monthly meetings. To learn more, follow Benjamin’s Bullhorn or contact bshrader@risede.org